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Everything on our farm is raised without toxic chemicals including the grapes we make wine from. This is accomplish by integrating our Nigerian Dwarf goats, pasture pigs, and free-range chickens and ducks into the entire farm design. Nature provides everything we need.

Organic Produce:
Make pure & natural a part of your life-style:
Free-range Chiken Eggs: $4.00 per dozen
Free-range Duck Eggs: $6.00 per dozen
Organic Fruit Jam: $8.00
Hydroponic Romaine Letuce 2/$5
Green House Microgreens $5
Cranberry Granola (see our Croats Video) $5
Giuseppi's Salad Dressing $5

Current pick-up locations include Village Crossings in Skokie and Friday in Skokie and the Arboretum of South Barrington . Call with questions and orders 616-965-1154.

Free-Range Pasture Meat:
Our pastures are 100% organic and supplemental feed is always 100% non-GMO and locally sourced. Pasture-raised pork, chicken and duck is also available each fall. We have limited numbers and recommend making your purchases early.
Freezer Meat Type

Vines & Trees:
Vines & Trees are available each spring and fall. We offer cut Christmas Trees in multiple varieties. Trees and/or saplings are availble for Norwegian Red Maples, Norwagian Green Maples, Silver Maples and Oak trees. The following grapevine varieties are also available for purchase: Chancellor, St. Vincent, Traminette.
Trees & Vines